Frustration and Me

The things that I’ve overcome, completed, and finished have been more about dealing with frustration than goal driven.

These things arise and become part of my life for a bit. I become familiar with it and learn to understand it. At a certain point I feel compelled to finally take care of it. I take care of it because I’ve become frustrated with it. But when I do get to that point, its usually with thought and the experience I’ve had with the frustration. My dealing with it isn’t just random, it includes thought. I usually won’t do most things with out a bit of research. I try my best to always get the results in my favor.

The best example of this was being kicked out of school in my college days. I got kicked out because of my attitude. I did make it back and graduated. But wow did I take the long road to do that. But what got me through it was my frustration that I just wanted to finish this and be done with it. Never did I have in my mind that it was prestigious or exemplary to graduate from college. Simply to me it was a need that needed to be taken care of. I had enough thought and being angry with myself that the only way to stop being like that was to get back to school and graduate. That was all I thought about and eventually helped me through it.