RSS Reader

Quick documentation of the RSS Reader I setup last night. It took me almost the entire day of Sunday to get it done.

Most of the day was just reading the documentation and finding a good theme to get started on.

  1. I setup a virtual domain on my MAMP setup to mimic my remote server.
  2. Then downloaded the tarball from the tiny tiny rss website and extracted into the directory I created for it in MAMP.
  3. Went into MAMP’s phpMyAdmin and created a database for the rss reader setup.
  4. Fired up the domain I created and used the tiny tiny rss installer. Entered the username, password, database name, port, and url scheme it asked for.
  5. After entering that initial information for the installer, it created a config file I then had to create myself in the root of the rss reader directory.
  6. Went back to the installer setup and hit the test configuration button to see if the config file was all good and worked. It did but asked for writable permissions to certain directories that the installer wasn’t able to write to.
  7. Went into the rss reader directory and applied the ‘chmod’ command to the directories I needed to make writable.
  8. Once I was done with the permissions issues I refreshed the page of the domain and was presented with a login form. Entered the credentials and changed the password to my own liking.
  9. Added the feeds I wanted to have on the rss reader.
  10. Found a theme (feedly) I really liked and placed it into the themes directory and made the switch on the preferences settings.

So after getting familiar with the setup process I then repeated it again about five times so I could memorize and understand it well. Ran into a few user errors here and there. But was able to get through them. The one that I kept running into over and over was the url scheme name it asked for on the installer. At first I simply used the single domain name (e.g. But once I tried to get to the login page it kept looping and never stopped from trying to login. So I then went back to the url scheme and changed it to ‘’ it then worked and progressed to the main page of the rss reader.

Another error I ran into was on the config.php file where I only wanted single user mode on since I knew I would be the only one using the rss reader. Turning it on to single user mode caused it to go blank after logging in. Still not sure why it did that but it has.

Finally, once I was content on how I wanted to initally role it out onto my remote server I applied the same things I did on my local server. Of course I did it all through the command-line. SSH here and there and SCP the directories needed. Still got more to do to it in the sense of really customizing it to my specific tastes. But funcionality wise it’s pretty much there.

Go me!