Get to know your subject

I think I finally got a clear idea what it means to know your content.

My reference is regarding web design content. Mark Boulton wrote a piece about web content named “Structure First. Content Always”. It definitely help me cement a clear idea of what web content is and how to handle it. It’s not an easy thing to do but it can certainly be done by understanding where your content is coming from.

It’s like getting to know someone. In order to understand them and know what they’re like you need to get to know them. It’ll have a lot of pieces to the puzzle that creates the big picture. Of course you can’t see it from the get go until you get to know some history about it. Until then you not only see where it’s coming from but you understand what the content is in a personality type of way.

This helps you to be able to introduce it in the best way like a presentation of a subject matter that you are a master of its knowing. Once you have that understanding of your content, you’ll know best how to output it.