Debian/Linux install on my iBook G3

I hit up the website and read the installation guide like a good boy. My install of Debian is for a PowerPC iBook G3 Dual USB. My very first computer I ever owned.

The Debian version is the 6.0 codename squeeze. I went the route of downloading a copy over the internet and then burning it to a CD which I would then boot from. You can get a PowerPC copy from Installing Debian GNU/Linux via the Internet page. You’ll be presented with a couple of ways to download but I chose the Small CDs section to get my powerpc copy.

Once I downloaded it I fired up Disk Utility and draged the copy to the side bar. I clicked burn and let it do its thing. After that process I ejected the CD and popped it into my iBook.

I have to say that I’ve been doing this downloading and burning from my 2010 MacBook. Thought I’d add that bit of information also.

Anyways, once you start up the iBook with the Debian CD copy you’ll be presented with a guided wizard. It’ll ask for location, language, network connection and setup of accounts. I did my install over a wireless connection that connected to my home network. It’s important to be doing this install from a good wireless connection. My first attempt of installing Debian on the iBook failed because of a weak wireless connection. Keep that in mind. The last set of instructions ask you whether you want to install a GUI (Graphic User Interface), web server and so forth. Since I only need this operating system to access the web with a browser I kept the defaults which included the GUI. I’m not much of an expert on the command line even though I do get excited when I work on it.

So once the installation setup finished the system rebooted and I was looking at a new operating system running Debian on my iBook G3. A second chance at life you could say. This iBook is for my parents to discover the world wide web just like I did back in 2001.