Keep Progressing

A bit of writing I wrote back in the days for a friends wife.

It’s a good remindiner for myself to not forget, “I cannot let myself down”.

A lot of self discipline and digging deep into your soul. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Trying harder and harder. It was a goal that had to be achieved. Telling myself that this is my purpose and I must be the best person I can be. If I truly want to do great things I must be prepared mentally above all else. I must have absolute belief in myself and I am capable of all things. Being a friend, son, brother, and a human being. I cannot let myself down. I reassure myself daily, weekly, monthly and yearly that I must progress. I have a responsibility and it is mine and mine only. Not anyone else. I will make mistakes no doubt but I will learn from them. I sometimes look forward to mistakes because of what there is to learn from them. But the regular reassurances I give myself must always be done. Discipline plays a key role. But when I needed some help when I couldn’t do it myself I had my parents, brothers and friends fortunately.