Fun Times Developing

Most times I’d think twice of before saying I’m grateful for Thanksgiving day. Reason why, it was or the closest root cause to the genocide of the Native Americans.

Why am I bringing this up or how does the genocide of Native Americans relate to!? Well, this past Thanksgiving day I chose to make time to start developing the new version of To be brief on its current status, its completely turning out as I’ve wanted it to turn out. The functionality of how I wanted it to work is spot on!

Visual design wise, I have a good general idea how I want it to look and feel when I’m on it, when I use it. But this phase of the development needs a lot of work. I might be enlisting my good friend Edgar to help with this.

So yeah, things are going pretty good! Tons of more work ahead. I can definitely say that the possibility of launching it can and hopefully happen in December. This month we get our Christmas break which is eight days off. PAID DAYS OFF! Now that is a luxury!

Let’s do this!