My Interests

A list of my current interests and stuff I think about just about everyday.

  • Space.
  • Web.
  • Instrumental metal music.
  • Brownsville.
  • Living and working in Brownsville.
  • Simplification.


Mostly my interest has been in our solar system, the Milky Way. But in recent years a lot of public interest has been rising to the surface, which is great! This has caused me to want to know and learn about what else is out there. Pretty great time to be alive and discover all that is happening. SpaceX is currently building a space port to launch rockets in Brownsville! Like woah! Really, WOAH!


I’ve been a web designer/developer since 2006, its pretty fantastic thing to do for a living. I get paid for doing this. Its been like roughly 25 years since the birth of the web. In the grand scheme of things, the web is young! It continues to become more and more engrained into our daily lives. I forsee a lot of utilizations that we’ve yet to discover. I personally am working on projects that utilizes the web as the core of how I’ll be communicating with everyone I know. I believe a lot on the future of the web and how it’ll help me to progress in life in general. Since 2006 it’s given me a living and a source of income. I find writing HTML very educational.

Instrumental metal music

I grew up on Metallica and Danzig. I had conversations with my 3rd grade music teacher in elementary about Metallica’s Master of Puppets album. It’s been a very consistent music category in my musical listening life. Hard to deviate from something that’s been part of my musical DNA metaphorically speaking. BUT something that does deviate a bit from what one would consider metal is instrumental metal or atmospheric metal. This type of metal to me is of course no vocals at all but you get that metallish rhythm you come to expect. For some reason I had never thought of that ever existing or that anyone would care to create music like that. I was simply ignorant of it. Come the year 2010, I discover Cavernous. A band from Houston, Texas. Coincidentally a friend of mine plays guitar for said band. I knew he was a metal guy but never had listened to his band until a group of mutual friends went to a gig of theirs and totally got the experience. From that day forward I was obsessed to find all the bands that shared that same musical taste. So far it’s been a long journey. So many bands to name. A few I consistenly listen to are Scale the Summit (coincidentally also from Houston, Texas), Animals As Leaders, If These Trees Could Talk, Signal Hill, the list goes on.


What can I say that I haven’t said of my beloved hometown. I find that Brownsville is like me. As in a city with huge potential but hasn’t been utilized to produce that. Literally the same for me. We have the knowledge and skills but no one sees it or knows how to help us bring that to the surface. I suppose we can’t see it ourselves but know it is there. I’ve started some ideas that I want to help this situation with Brownsville, two are and Make Brownsville Better (

Living and working in Brownsville

I use to live in Houston not to long ago (December 23rd, 2011). I left Brownsville back in 2001 to get “educated”. I didn’t know how long I would be there. I just assumed I would come back after I graduated from college. Well it would be 11 years until I would return to the Rio Grande Valley, not Brownsville. I currently live in San Benito, Texas. VERY close to Brownsville! One of my goals I had before leaving Houston was to return to my hometown to live and work there. So far I’ve yet to do that. I’m close by as in living there. But working there well that could happen sometime in August depending how things roll-out in my current job. I’m being patient on that. But living and working from Brownsville will be a checkmark on the bucket list. Almost there!


This is simplification in general in all matters of my life. From the chest drawers having to many socks and shorts that I don’t use to tasks I want to be doing in a day. I must learn to focus (sacrificing) in order to make things simple in my little life. I believe it will take a big adjustment and patience to do this but it can and will be done. First thing in order is to write down a routine. List down the things that are basic I must do each day. I won’t be jotting down saving lives as a task, would be cool and if the opportunity shows itself I’ll take it!

Alright well thats my current list of interest and descriptions. This will be cool to see when I’m an old timer and see how ridiculous I was and probably will continue to be.