A Turning Point

Focus comes and goes.

Yesterday for a matter of hours I’ve decided to apply some focus and thought. I decided to zero in on this very website. This website is what I’m about to arm with the means of direction of what I can do and what I like to be doing. It relates to my last post Somethings coming up for czepeda.com.

I’ve already done a majority of documenting the information architecture. That was last nights homework. Today I plan to add some more details to each section. I did change up one section. I’m not going to include the budget section since that’ll take me a bit of time. That’ll come at phase two.

So at the moment here is what I got for czepeda.com.

  • Notes (twitter like section).
  • Blog (writing).
  • Ideas (sketches, quick blurbs of an idea that I want to document).
  • Portfolio (demos, UI’s, freelance).
  • Photos (family & friends only).
  • About (biography and contact information).

Everyday I will dedicate time to this and be done by September 30th. From the looks of my poorly documented version of this website, I believe this will be version number 4 according to my last redesign post.