Somethings coming up for

So I’m going to start up on another redesign to this very website. Here is a list just to remind me what I’ll be working on.

  • Create Notes blog.
    • This will be my twitterish section which will actually post to twitter via POSSE.
  • Create Ideas blog.
    • This will include sketches, or ideas I want to simply document.
  • Create Portfolio blog.
    • Showcase portfolio pieces. I plan to start freelancing again or possibly if I find a good fit for a new job.
  • Create Photos blog.
    • This will be private and will be only for family and close friends.
  • Create Budget web app.
    • This will recide maybe on here. I’m still thinking about it.

The idea for all this is to wrangle up all my stuff in one house. I have so many domains which aren’t even being used at all. But some are used but not for public consumption. For example is simply for email. But should be getting used for something. I’ve yet to figure out. Maybe just a URL shortner for now?

My deadline is have all this done before this year ends all while trying to fix up my parents house and selling it. Eh, it is what it is. Live on right!