Becoming The Best Web Designer

I’ve been working in the web since 2006 professionally.

As in being paid for it. I’ve done pure graphic design, front-end, and server-side programming for the web. It’s been a great ride so far. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the work I’ve done. I wouldn’t say it’s the best work I’ve done. I’m quite far from being the best.

Recently I’ve been having a struggle between wanting to push myself towards a pure programmer. Pretty much doing straight up work on the back-end side of things. I wouldn’t be doing any visual designing at all. I just want to be looking at logical code all day everyday and get paid for it. I’m sure I’d be doing side projects for fun. That’s usually how I learn.

So the struggle is between wanting to be a completely devoted programmer or a web developer. When I say web developer, I’d be doing both jobs, web designer and web developing.

Going back to the programmer mindset I want to be. This mindset would be completly devoted to programming lanuages like C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Go, Rust, and Swift. I’ve actually have used each of those languages before but not at the extent like I’d consider basic usuage. Far from that type of use, usually just to try it out type of usage.

As for the web developer which I’ve been since 2006, well I conside myself pretty good at my craft, just not the best. I’m at a “fork in the road” as they say. Go the programmer way or the web designer/developer way?

I’m sure there is a compromise here. I just haven’t found it obviously or I’m not seeing it. One thing I’m sure about at this moment, I’m going the web designer/developer way. I’ve done it all this time and I haven’t had a moment where I’ve said to myself “I don’t like this anymore”. Everyday I look forward to reading up on upcoming specs on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Really, just about everyday. I fantasize about redesigning my website all the time. There isn’t a browser web developer tools bar that I can’t use. I love using the browser developer tools. So handy!

In conclusion, I’m setting aside my ambitions for becoming a neckbeard, and focusing on my HTML, CSS, JS and server-side languages.