Hello and welcome, I am Carlos Alberto Zepeda’s website.

Carlos is from Brownsvile, TX. As south as you can get in Texas, after that you’re in Mexico.

He spends most of his time reading web technology related news and diving into the iOS and Mac developer platforms. He likes the Apple. His first computer he bought was a iBook G3 Dual USB "Snow" laptop in 2001. Hasn't thought twice of switching to another operating system. That iBook has since been converted to a Debian/Linux operating system and still running strong. When Carlos manages to get away from the computer he likes to go shoot some hoops wherever he can find a basketball court. On the weekends he plays at the Brownsville Sports Park.

He used to like politics but has pretty much given up on that noise. He's a big fan of the book written by Daniel Quinn named "Ishmael”. Carlos recommends it highly. Carlos credits a lot to this particular book. Mostly in helping him develop his own ideas and how to look at things from a different point of view rather than a one-sided view.

Carlos spent about ten years in Houston, TX for school and work before returning home. The work part was luck that they recruited him before graduating from college. None the less he feels very grateful to all his previous employers.

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